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Why You Should Consider Traveling to Tahiti

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Lost amidst the lush South Pacific islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Taha’a. Subsisting on tropical fruits, French pastries, local fish delicacies, and living in a bamboo hut over warm waters of an idyllic turquoise lagoon with the sound of ocean waves crashing over coral breakers in the distance. This is what it is like to experience Tahiti!

Located in the French Polynesian protectorate, the South Pacific Ocean islands of Tahiti are a mythical destination. The mention of Tahiti calls to mind visions of a romantic island paradise and once you visit, you'll discover, as my husband wrote, that your imagination isn't too off the mark!

Secluded, historic, tropical and lush, these islands are a universe where dreams meet reality. Located at the epicenter of Polynesian world, navigators from the Tahitian Islands braved the broad ocean landscape to colonize and settle lands as far distant as Hawaii, New Zealand and Easter Island. Their history, culture and traditions are well worth a trip of exploration to the South Pacific.

Our trip was all the above and more. Beautiful flowers everywhere, outdoor activity and adventure, and swimming with sharks and stingrays! History and archaeology abound with remains from the religious and nautical ruins of Taha’a to the World War II cannons on Bora Bora. Relaxation is key, the island spas perform wonders. The incredible Polynesian cuisine was wonderful. Our time in the Tahitian islands was beautiful and memorable and it’s our hope to return soon. There is so much more to see and do that a few more trips would still not do the area justice. The wonder of Tahiti and Polynesia take on a whole new significance once you have been there. Go and find out for yourself.

Tahiti is currently open to US travelers only so be sure to dream about how you can experience this lush tropical destination. Customized itineraries will be created for you that can include adventure, culinary and accommodations in beautiful Tahitian inspired over the water bungalows or resorts!


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